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ChessLab Interactive Magazine

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ChessLab Interactive Magazine (CIM) is a monthly publication that started April 05, 1999. To view CIM, use the 'Magazine' tab on the right-hand side of the ChessLab board. You can switch between the current issue of CIM and the previous issues by selecting the issue and pressing the 'Go' button.  CIM features Visual puzzles and instructional games that can be set for viewing and navigation on the ChessLab board. You can switch between puzzles and games sections of CIM via 'puzzles' and 'games' buttons that appear at the top and at the bottom of the CIM page.

CIM is actively seeking contributions from its readers for chess puzzles and highly annotated quality games. Please mail to bpssoft@chesslab.com (PGN format)

The Puzzles Section

The Games Section

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