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Common problems & solutions

Java chess board and browser problems and solutions

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The very latest web browsers are required to view and operate ChessLab board properly.   Recommended web browsers are: Microsoft Explorer 4.01 or 5.0 and Netscape Communicator 4.6.  If your web browser is outdated, you are losing out...do you really want to see text-only web sites?

Windows 3.1 is not supported.

For Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows-NT, OS2, LINUX, SUN, etc.:

  1. With Netscape versions prior to 4.5, you may experience an inconvenient scrolling behaviour in the move list. Please use the latest Netscape browser to avoid this.
  2. If your chess pieces do not show up (the chess board looks empty), please use the 'Board' tab on the right hand side and load either of the three available sets of chess pieces.  If  that didn't work, try the next (#4) suggestion, and then load either of the three available chess sets from 'Board' tab.
  3. Have the tabs on the right-hand side just dissapeared? Press your browser's Refresh or Reload button prior to connecting to http://www.chesslab.com/positionsearch.html.
  4. If you don't see chess pieces or you get a JavaScript error, please refresh the cache of your web browser For Netscape, press the keyboard's  'Shift' key while clicking a web browser's 'Reload' button. For Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL users, press 'Ctrl' plus 'Refresh'.  In case you are still  unable to see chess pieces on the board, load either of the three available chess sets from 'Board' tab (you may have to repeat this loading a couple of times).
  5. If your chess pieces look out of focus with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 web browser and you are using 256 color palette, you can either download the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or increase the number of colors in your color palette.   You may also try using any of the two Black-and-White sets of chess pieces, available within the 'Board' tab on the right hand side.
  6. With Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, the loading of games may not work correctly.   Please download the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or 5.0
  7. If you cannot download chess games or have trouble downloading more than 10 games at a time, please make sure that your browser is set for caching (i.e. that caching is not turned off).

AOL issues:

1) If you are unable to see chess pieces on your board, try suggestion #4 above.

2) AOL users will avoid all possible problems if they download either a new AOL 5.0 browser or a new non-AOL browser. It is possible to run both Internet Explorer & Netscape directly with AOL connection. The non-AOL browser has to be set to use a direct Internet connection.

Are you using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0?

If you are not seeing the chess board with pieces with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, it may be necessary to download a Microsoft plugin called Virtual Machine. This plugin can be downloaded by clicking the 'Windows update' button in the Tools pulldown menu on Internet Explorer 5.0 browser.


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