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Chess Lab: "A technological achievement for chess!- search database /analyse a position you set up on-line !" (http://www.gtryfon.demon.co.uk/bcc/news/xnews.htm)

Chess Lab: "is an amazing site, a huge, free database that you can search online. Want to see how the pro's handled the same position from one of your games? Use the java-enabled board to enter the piece setup, and submit your query. Chesslab will search it's 2 million game collection, and respond with a list of master games which contain that position. While simple in design, Chesslab is truly impressive, and players who may not want to make an investment in a commercial d-base will find it heaven-sent." http://chess.miningco.com/library/weekly/aa011299.htm  
Chess Lab: "A MUST visit. Simply amazing site will keep you coming back for the latest in database info. Features a Java board powered by a 2 million game database. Setup or play position and let the engine behind the scenes analyse. I hope this is where chess on the net is going."  http://members.aol.com/kenchess/private/links.htm
Chess Lab: " ... the excellent Chess Lab site.  There are many features of this commercial site that you will find interesting.  There is a huge database of games and you may enter a position on the virtual board before searching for suggested moves!   The High-speed Java-based interactive chessboard will connect you with the biggest 2 million games chess database for interactive search and analysis.   The free online chess database is updated weekly with thousands of new games.   All the games in the database are searchable by position, year, name of the players (full or partial), etc.  There is also a facility for a chess engine to assist you with analysis." (http://www.eics.com/iecg/news/9901/webwatch.html)

Chess Lab: "2,000,000 game database available online with built-in search facilities. Very much state of the art." (http://wkweb1.cableinet.co.uk/jsaunders/Britgame.htm )

Chess Lab: "The most important new chess resource now available" (Sam Sloan's chess page: http://www.anusha.com/chess.htm )

ChessLab: "The site is the only one of its kind on the Internet, and is constantly improved and updated." ( http://www.internetchess.com/best.shtml)

Chess Lab: "an outstanding chess database on the internet that provides opening and positional search capability". (http://www.hsv.tis.net/chess/opening_library/index.html)
Chess Lab: "This exciting new site has the potential to be one of the most popular sites on the web. A searchable database of two million games, plus an analysis function. Your browser must be able to handle JAVA in order for you to take advantage of this game viewer. A super, high-tech site! Visit often!" (http://correspondencechess.com/links.html )
Chess Lab: "chess sites like this make you appreciate the power of the internet. 2 million game searchable database online with Java interface. Also has analysis capability" ( http://chessopolis.hypermart.net/archives.htm )
Chess Lab: "has an awesome interactive chess database that sets a new standard.  Check it out!"   (http://www.the-spa.com/chess/target.htm )
Chess Lab: "Playing chess with someone: Need a chessboard to move pieces? go to The ChessLab site!" (http://www.insight.demon.co.uk/lounge/lounge2.htm)  
Chess Lab: "Increible!, como una base da datos pero on line!. Búsquedas por posicion, por año, etc, grandes funciones  de rastreo. Más de dos millones de partidas!!!" (http://members.xoom.com/Kazique/links.htm)
Chess Lab: " Mas de 2 millones de partidas!!! en visor Java. La Base de ChessLab." ( http://members.tripod.com/scalise/links.html)
Chess Lab: "Har du funderat på att införskaffa en CD-ROM med miljontals med schackpartier lagom till julhelgen?   Glöm det! Nu kan du söka igenom en databas med 2 miljoner partier direkt på webben! Du kan söka på ställning, spelare, spelår med mera. Dessutom kan du [snart] analysera ställningen direkt på webben. Du hittar allt på 'Chess Lab' på adress: www.chesslab.com" (http://www.schacknyheter.com/arkiv/19981210.html   )
Chess Lab: "Si tratta di un database di 2 milioni di partite (dal 1485 ad oggi), consultabili online con un motore di ricerca. E' possibile anche ricercare nel database in base ad una posizione, analizzare le partite, analizzare una posizione qualunque. Il tutto via un'interfaccia Java molto semplice. Il sito e' aggiornato settimanalmente." ( http://maskeret.com/micio/novita.htm   )
Chess Lab: "Angeblich werden hier über 2 Millionen Schachspiele gespeichert. Und wenn man die Suchmaschine benutzt, glaubt man das auch."    (http://www.sharelook.de/wibb/59.html)
Chess Lab: "Schachdatenbank im WWW 2 Mio. Partien durchsuchbar, erfordert JAVA!"(http://www.uni-trier.de/infos/schach/turmtr.htm)    
Chess Lab: "Great site for detailed analysis of your games"  (http://www.burlingamechessclub.com )
Chess Lab: "Want to practice chess check this site out." (http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/speedie6/)
Chess Lab: "Java ChessLab is one of my favorite on-line sites!" (http://webusers.anet-stl.com/~ldidriks/index.html)

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