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From Winnipeg Free Press Review of ChessLab January, 1999 (for full text click here)

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"It is one of the most valuable chess resources I have yet seen on the internet, and for the serious student it alone could justify the leap into cyberspace"  Cecil Rosner. Winnipeg Free Press.


ChessLab was introduced in earnest in January, 1999, and it was built on inspiration - here's the story:
Just prior to ChessLab start, being in Boston, I took 3 lessons from A. Ivanov - a local GM celebrity (as if I really needed GM lessons at my level!? USCF 1900)  Anyway, one memorable thing that A. Ivanov showed me was how he dealt with chess preparation -- every week he was getting the latest games in PGN and then loading them into ChessAssistant. He told me that he liked ChessAssistant because it allowed him to search by position, rather than by move order since different opening move sequences could lead to the same resulting position. A. Ivanov's main goal was to conduct intelligence on how different players treated the same positions.  It just so happenned that instead of inspiring me to get better at chess, Ivanov inspired me to start ChessLab and help YOU get better.
Internet technology is perfectly suited for giving access to users all over the world - and with time it will get even more prevalent and accessible.  In addition to pure access, I sought as much as possible to provide a user-friendly interface. ChessLab site and its database are being constantly improved and updated.  ChessLab has two distinct online databases that together hold close to 2,000,000 chess games.   These two databases Historical archives (1485-1990) and Modern games (1991-present) can be searched online.  Modern games is the default database -- it gets updated weekly with thousands of new chess games played worldwide. Historical database is also updated from time to time as dedicated ChessLab users send in their archives. You can switch the search between the historical and modern databases by selecting the 'Date range' on the search form.

You can move pieces on Java virtual chess board, search all games by position, analyze any game/position. High-speed Java-based interactive chess board will connect you with the biggest 2 million games chess databases/archives for interactive search and analysis.  All the chess games in the online databases are searchable by position, year, name of the players (partial or full), etc.  Search on rating and location is available for chess games after 1997. A strong online chess analysis engine is available to assist you with position analysis.


ChessLab Database Topics                                                                                    

  • ChessLab database was designed primarily for speed and chess games quality  
  • ChessLab software can support up to 100 completely simultaneous chess database query requests without losing any retrieval speed
  • The quality of data in the chess database is ensured by a rigorous atomatic game checking  process.  As a result, only valid 'playable' chess games are selected.   
  • Before loading any new chess game, the automatic loading process checks for duplicate games. ChessLab is constantly refining its duplicate detection and elimination process.  
  • ChessLab software and database is under continual improvement.  As of February 26, 1999, it supports rating (ELO)-based search and location-based search for chess games after 1997
  • CAUTION: ChessLab is sometimes in the process of masssive database cleanup and updates. Please bear with us as we make ChessLab more accurate, robust & responsive. (bpssoft@chesslab.com

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