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Although Mac is still one of the greatest graphical machines ever invented, some recent innovations like the full-fledged support for Java Virtual Machine for Mac lag behind most other platforms...

But ... Good News! As discovered by Daren Dillinger, the Mac ChessLab user and the chess columnist for the Florida Times-Union newspaper, the following combination of Mac/browser works perfectly with ChessLab.com:

Power Mac or iMac with OS 8.6 and Netscape 4.7 (download Netscape 4.7 from www.netscape.com)

For all other Mac/browser combinations,  the implementation of the Java virtual machines by Apple, and Microsoft  lack a key feature that ChessLab is relying upon.  Specifically, the interaction between JavaScript and Java and inter-applet communication are quite inadequate: Microsoft did a half-hearted job for Macs in this area.   A new version of Java virtual machines for MAC are under development. Netscape 4.7 for Mac has just resolved the existing problems -- hopefully ChessLab.com will get a lot more hits from MAC users. So far, according to the statistics that were collected for ALL people who used ChessLab, less than 3 percent of connections come from Macs. 

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