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Letters from ChessLab / visitors

  • "I'm very excited with your great Chess Lab!  I'm GM of ICCF(rating 2605+) Your talented job should help us a lot!   A.Zilberberg"
  • "My compliments for the skill of your Java developers team, this is a website which shows the best of present web-tech! I'm ICCF IM 2557 ELO rated and find a lot of help in ChessLab!" Giuseppe Toscano.
  • "Dear Chess Lab, I'm really impressed and appreciative of your product!...Stephen Ham USCF Correspondence Master (2432)"
  • "Great site, which makes obsolete many chess CDs." Thespode.
  • "Congratulations for your site. It's amazing how simple, fast and complete it is!". Sergio Mazetto, Brasil.
  • "What a concept! What's the catch? This site is to good to be true." Larry
  • "Great idea! Best of luck with the site!" Michael Schwartz.
  • "I found this web address on the Chess ONELIST ( and had to try it. It's a wonderful learning experience. This is a lot of fun at the same time. I just wanted you to know that the web and your work are greatly appreciated".   Pete Carr Columbus, OH
  • "This is the BEST chess site on the internet.  I grew up in the early days of the internet and even before that in the BBS days.  I was able to build up a Chessbase of around 100,000 games.  What power!!  But I have NOT been online for a couple of years now.  You offer extraordinary information at the fingertips!!  Keep up the good work.  Thanks, Tim"
  • "My link to your page from our chess club site is up (Franklin Mercantile I continue to be delighted by your site. It's by far the best chess site on the web. I use it nearly every day. I was also pleased to see a note to Mac users regarding our platform's poor implementation of Java. There is a new java virtual machine from Apple, but it isn't quite there yet. I'm hoping soon. I can assure you that you will get more Mac hits once the issue is resolved. I just noticed your books link today (I have tunnel vision I'm afraid). I'd like to support the site and am planning to buy the Silman book through your link once it's published.  Thanks again for the great site!   -David Comdico"
  • ChessLab is "an excellent way both to learn and challenge one's self while enjoying the benefits of a wonderfully interactive setup. My personal thanks. Jonathan Engle"
  • "You have an excellent site. Wonderful work.  It is just great to have access to so many games (and positions) from past and present and to have a flexible search engine that can quickly find a particular game. Congratulations on your fine effort,  Nima.Aryan"


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